Welcome to Sakihara-sou

Okinawan hostel in Yonaguni island, which is the most West's island in Japan.

Stay futon in tatami room. The costs include dinner and breakfast.

We can't speak English, but we can make your stay happy.

For your information, you can check review at Trip adviser Review(English).

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

131 yonaguni, Yonaguni-cyo


Nightly Rate (Japanese ¥ only) 

1night ¥5,000(room only)

We are sorry, we are currently not serving food.

Free Service

Airport shuttle(reserve)

Bath Goods (Towels/Shampoo/Conditioner/Body soap/Hairdryer)

Wi-Fi 24hour

Washing Machine (w/Detergent, Softening agent)

Pay Service

Drier (¥200/once)